Rizk Engineering Company

Engineering Excellence


Quality is a series of many linked activities integrated into our day-to-day engineering and project management process. By embedding quality activities into our process, we focus on building the project right the first time.

Our integrated approach to Quality Without Question results in real value to all team members.

For Owners:  Value through clear engineering assessment and preliminary design documents resulting in lower bids, integrated engineering and construction activities, eliminating rework, earlier completion schedules, tested and verified performance metrics, and reduced operating costs.

For Architects and Engineers:  Value through clear engineering assessment and preliminary design documents reducing requests for information and eliminating change orders, an integrated punchlist process, and reduced efforts on your part to have to review and approve project components.

For Contractors: Value through clear understanding of quality expectations, a provided means to achieve these through engineering testing and mock-up construction, streamlined work-flow, and elimination of end-of-project issues you typically encounter.